Infosys CEO selection progressing as planned: Narayana Murthy-News-TOI

Infosys executive chairman N R Narayan Murthy said the selection process for the new CEO is progressing as planned and the name of the candidate would be announced when the process concludes. “While the search is on, Infosys board, Shibu, Kris and I will continue to steer the company in the direction we have set. I assure the best of Infosys is yet to come,” he said in an email sent to employees on Friday.

The communication comes at a time when the management is making every effort to reassure employees and clients a smooth leadership transition as it is in the midst of identifying its first non-founder CEO. “Further to my previous email, as we embark into newer horizon for our employees and clients, we will see some transition in leadership. Please be assured that the leadership change takes into account the best interest of the company as a whole,” he wrote in the email. The communication is seen as an attempt to quell uncertainties around its leadership challenges after eleven senior executives quit Infosys since Murthy returned to the company in June last year.

Murthy has also recognized BG Srinivas’s contribution in growing the company. “I hold BG Srinivas in high esteem and I support his aspirations. His last day will be June 10, 2014,” Murthy said. He also mentioned that Srinivas is an integral part of the company and has played an important role in the second-largest IT firm.


Facebook partners F-Secure for security – Source-The Economic Times

Security solutions provider F-Secure said it has partnered with Facebook wherein users of the social networking giant will be able to block and eradicate malware from their systems free of cost. “With F-Secure’s technology, Facebook will offer a browser-based malware scanner as a free service,” the company said in a statement. F-Secure said the malware scanning and cleanup technology is fully integrated with Facebook. “When Facebook identifies an account behaving suspiciously, it will redirect the user to the cleanup process. The scan and cleanup is executed directly in the browser window, inside Facebook,” it added. 

Malware or unwanted software on a computer or device can disrupt normal device performance, steal personal information, or gain access to a system. It can abuse Facebook users and their friends by posting malicious links or spam which appear to come from a legitimate user’s account. F-Secure said the service will be available to Facebook users whose account has been temporarily frozen due to suspicious activity caused by a potential malware infection. “Helping people stay safe on Facebook is a hugely important part of what we do and we’re glad to be adding the strength of F-Secure’s anti-virus technology to our existing systems to block and eradicate malware,” Software Engineer at Facebook Chetan Gowda said. 

The company said when a user is logging in from an infected device, they will see a notification screen about the malware infection along with a recommendation to use F-Secure’s scanner. The user will be given an option to skip the malware removal process or download the recommended scanner. “We are pleased to partner with Facebook to stop cybercriminals from taking advantage of Facebook’s user base for malicious ends,” F-Secure Product Manager Arto Saari said. 


Twitter eyes music-sharing service SoundCloud: Report-Source- The Economic Times

Twitter is mulling plans to buy the German-based music-sharing service SoundCloud to fuel growth at the social network, a report said. The move would be a new effort by Twitter to get back into music after a failed attempt last year to launch a music-finding service. The report suggested that such a deal, if consummated, would be expensive for Twitter, but would add a company with a customer base of 250 million, roughly the same size as that of the messaging platform.  SoundCloud recently raised some $60 million in venture capital, which would give the startup a value of some $700 million according to The Wall Street Journal. Neither company has commented on the report. The report said the deal could appeal to SoundCloud by giving the service easier ability to deliver revenue-generating ads along with its music streams. News Source-The Economic Times.

Wipro bags 7-year deal from UK-based Xoserve Source – The Economic Times

Country’s third largest software services firm Wipro today said it has bagged a seven-year deal from UK-based Xoserve. No financial details of the deal were disclosed. Xoserve supports Britain’s gas market through the provision of centralised information and data services for gas transporters and shippers. It is jointly owned by five major gas distribution network companies and National Grid’s Gas Transmission business. 

The Wipro contract is part of the UK Link Programme, which will involve the replacement of Xoserve’s two decade-old legacy UK Link suite of applications with more contemporary technologies, Wipro said in a statement. UK Link is a suite of highly complex information and technology systems, managed by Xoserve on behalf of the UK gas industry that ensures smooth running of Britain’s gas market. 
“The new platform will enable Xoserve to meet the expected demand growth generated by the roll-out of Smart Meters in the UK as well as enable Xoserve to be more responsive to changes in the gas market,” Wipro said. The UK Link Programme, led by Xoserve and supported by a number of business partners, will help meet a number of customer and industry wide requirements for the medium to long term. 

“This is an immensely prestigious project for us and we look forward to partnering with Xoserve to ensure seamless delivery of this critical programme,” Wipro Global Head Utilities (Energy, Natural Resources and Utilities) business unit Arun Krishnamurthi said. The changes will bring in the ability to receive and store more meter readings, to introduce more flexibility in system enhancement and reporting and the ability for the gas market to utilise information from smart meters for the benefit of customers. “The UK Link suite of IT systems is the life blood of the competitive gas market; enabling key processes that are critically important to the whole industry,” Xoserve CEO Chris J Murray said.