Phone & PC applications for effective communication – Source: The Economic Times

For heavy SMS users, the costs can sometimes add up to more than half the monthly cellphone bill. No matter what platform you choose, Karan Bajaj and Hitesh Raj Bhagat have details on various free phone applications , the best phones to type long messages on and the most useful chat integrators for Windows, MAC & Linux

Free, For Your Phone


Available for iOS and Android, Kik messenger is the simplest of cross platform messengers out there. You need to sign up and choose a unique name for identification . Kik offers an option to scan through your phone’s contacts to search for friends already using Kik Messenger. The application’s user interface is much like Google talk and allows for chat and transfer of images. The only trouble is that it can only transfer images that you click using the app, and not images that are already stored on the phone.


Available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry, LiveProfile requires a quick signup with your email id and it then scans through your contacts for friends using the messenger and sends an invite. It can also connect with Facebook and Twitter friends. It also offers features such as audio, photo and video sharing.


Available for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry, PingChat offers you the choice to use your phone number or create a unique PingChat ID. It then scans your address book for friends using PingChat or connects with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Other than chat and file sharing capabilities, PingChat also allows location sharing with friends as well as file sharing within a group chat.


Available for iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian & many feature phones, RockeTalk requires a one-time registration that involves selecting a unique username. Much like BlackBerry Messenger, RockeTalk requires friends to add each other via phone number or RockeTalk username. The app allows chat, media sharing & communities based on your interest.


Available for iOS (iPhone only), Android, Blackberry and Symbian, WhatsApp messenger is the ideal alternative to the BlackBerry messenger . You need to register once with your phone number and the app imports all the people using WhatsApp from within your contact list. It allows unlimited chat and multimedia file sharing; shows delivery notifications and supports push messages too.


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