Indian IT Cos Hire Local US Talent. Compiled by Naukri.

Top tech firms like Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, Wipro and Cognizant that were already hiring senior professionals to serve their top customers in the U.S., are now battling each other to hire fresh local talent, even as higher unemployment rates and tougher immigration laws are used to clamp down on sending jobs outside the region. These companies have already started setting up development centers in American cities like Atlanta and Michigan and have clear targets for hiring foreign workforce. TCS says it will double its U.S. workforce from 10,000 in the next five years while Infosys and Wipro hopes to have between 10 to 15 percent of their staff as non-Indians, up from the current five percent. Most of these companies are creating a buzz across university campuses in a bid to attract good talent and are ready to pay higher. The article quotes experts to suggest that IT companies pay between 20 to 25 percent more to technology grads in the US compared to Indians and they believe the costs can be recouped by charging higher for their on-site employees.


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